Today we are discussing the dangers of EMF / EMR (electromagnetic fields / radiation) to children. With the evolution of more and more gaming, cell / mobile phone convenience, working electronics in and around us, it is time to better understand the real dangers associated with them.
Not to be taken lightly, shrug your shoulders and roll your eyes. Open them wide for a few minutes, then make an informed decision.

Did you know it takes 2 hours for the blood in an adult to return to normal after a 15 minute cell conversation? See it here: Blood under microscope Video

I’m focusing on Children today because of their young, still developing brains and inherent genetic wiring. They are at great risk of health challenges because of exposure. Prolonged exposure increases risks.

Many parents feel their children must have cell phones, even if they only dial home, for emergency. If it is turned on, it is releasing these harmful frequencies; when we are talking on them, it is severely increased.

Think about the 50’s-70’s and cigarette smoking being so widely encouraged and advertised. The results 50 years later is a much increased incidence of lung and other smoking related cancers.

The EMF / EMR from cordless phones, cells, mobiles and the like is likely to be the next ‘cigarette’ of the century.

Cause and effect, these invisible waves alter the structure of your blood cells which in turn seriously impair your immune system. Be as healthy as possible. Avoid having to go to the Pediatrician for meds for your children when it is likely you can correct the SOURCE of these health issues.

The SOLUTION is simple and effective, shield yourselves from these harmful fields. The EMF Home and Phone Blokker are one very effective solution; the ones my family and I use.

Do your research, know what this is, share it with your family and closest friends.

Together we make the difference.