When we look at our lifestyle and inventory all the electrical outlets, the electronics plugged into them or the power strip, we often surprise ourselves.  Of course, if we were to actually determine the amount of electricity per unit, that would further heighten our senses.

It is time to energy-crunch and budget-crunch folks.  It will help the environment and through each of us, heal the economy.  We can seriously reduce our carbon footprint measurably with a little common sense and effort.

Take the INVENTORY.  While doing so, look at the distance between the seating areas and these outlets, appliances, games, chargers, etc.  Strategically putting DISTANCE between where you sit and the location of the EMF electromagnetic fields and radiation.  A minimum of 3′ is recommended.  Why?  The negative impact on your health.

Check the children’s rooms as they are at more risks from the EMF than adults.  Wonderful little brains still developing and the skull is so soft.

Every room in your home should be inventoried.  Take note of where your breakers are in relationship to sleeping areas. 

UNPLUG your cell charger when not in use.  Do you realize it emits more EMF than the cell phone does?

If you are not talking on your cell, it is on and in your pocket, does it release EMF?  Yes it does and we have the blood tests to prove it.

Keep tabs on the distance and unplug all the appliances, electronics etc. that are not in use.  They still pull electricity from the power company and you pay for it.  BUT you don’t have to if you modify your lifestyle to reduce the expenses and pollutants.

CSea Perkins