Yes indeed, it is a new Era for many related to our economic situation and new President with a new repowering America agenda.

So, we are given the privilege of helping our students and their schools to become more educated on how they can defend the environment. How they can actively involve the community in projects that will create more sustainability, conservation and protection.

These initiatives will not only positively impact the environment but create challenges across this great nation and solutions in the communities that benefit them the most. This is growing Parent interest and participation as well. We believe they will be sharing it with their co-workers and spreading the word.

GREEN INITIATIVE in Wilbur by the Sea, FL … a local group of Children and I went to the seashore and removed all the man made trash and learned about the flora we encountered. We discussed the results of the trash winding up in our ocean and how powerful their contributions are to saving our planet.

Seeing their bright smiles and the excitement about their results and what they learned was very gratifying. We are doing this monthly and they are taking the idea to their schools and encouraging others to get involved and Make A Difference.

We will be proposing ‘challenges’ to neighboring communities to see who can engage more people and more results. This will create more enthusiasm and competition within the Schools.

Great fun with a greater purpose. Enjoy being creative and post your successes here.