Repower America

Dear Reader,

Some of the most effective measures for Repowering America in the economic recovery package are coming under attack. And when the Senate votes as early as later today, we know one of your senators — among just a handful — will cast a crucial vote.

Will you take a minute and call your senator now? There is no time to waste.

Senator Martinez’s Miami office phone: (305) 444-8332

Leave a message and let your senator know: “As a constituent, I urge you to champion clean energy and green jobs in the economic recovery bill.”

Then, let us know you called here:

Investments in clean energy are some of the most effective ones our country can be making now. But there have been surprising attacks in the national news.

One senator questioned a measure in the stimulus that upgrades federal government buildings, even though these upgrades will reduce the energy bill of the biggest energy consumer in the nation (a bill taxpayers pick up).

A different senator recently argued that the recovery should invest more in dirty fossil fuels like oil and gas — even though investments in renewable energy projects create three to five times as many jobs as ones in fossil fuels.

These attacks are picking up. As a Florida resident, you — more than We Campaign members in most other states — have the ability to defend the measures that will help keep Repower America in the recovery.

Take a moment, and make a call today.


Cathy Zoi

P.S. Please forward this message to everyone you know who shares your concern for getting our country back on track.