by Lori Lake,CEO at GreenTVLori Lake

Thousands of green social communities, our viewers, members and you are deciding what State in the U.S. is the number one in collective efforts to go green.

In setting an example for the rest of the world to follow, keep in mind this is not about the State who is spending the most to go green or how much publicity they are generating. It is about who is utilizing the best minds and resources to claim the number one U.S State leadership role in going green.

Our findings will be published on June 25th, 09 when GreenTV will be featured in USA Today.

June 25th will also be the day of the first GreenTV series will air on the home page of GreenTV. We have been planning this series for several years. Stay tuned for a controversial, thought and action provoking series that will be aired on The Colbert Report among other major media sources.

In the mean time, please share your thoughts on which State you believe is at the forefront of going green and why. Your opinions will be shared with Vice President Joe Biden who will be invited to appear on the new GreenTV series.

And, as always, my best to all.

Lori Lake