Electromagnetic smog

Know the pros and cons

Would you like to be exposed around the clock to a cell phone in your house?

Would you like your house turned into an EMF transmitter?

Would you like your appliances controlled by your electric company?

These are some of the issues around so-called Smart Meters that electric utilities are installing. It’s coming soon. And you won’t have a choice.

This Tuesday January 5th 1-2 p.m. Pacific, health educator Layna Berman interviews science journalist Blake Levitt and electrical engineer Michael Neuart about the risks of this new wireless technology that’s being imposed on us without our consent.

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EMF danger proven

EMF danger proven

Cattle seem to have an internal compass–one that’s messed up by power lines

July 2009

1 July 2009—Maybe cows are most comfortable—and willing to produce more milk—when their bodies are aligned along a north-south axis. Sound far-fetched?

A team of researchers from Germany and the Czech Republic has already discovered that, all factors being equal, cattle and two species of deer tend to align themselves along a north-south axis using some innate magnetic sense, and that this preferred alignment is disturbed when they graze under high-voltage power lines. In the next step, in their ongoing study of magnetoreception, the researchers hope to learn more about the physiological impact of magnetic fields on these and other animals.

“It could very well be that Earth’s magnetic field has an effect on physiological processes—like brain waves or blood circulation—and that this magnetic alignment could make some bodily processes function better,” says Sabine Begall, a member of the research team headed by Hynek Burda, a professor of zoology at Germany’s University of Duisburg-Essen. “We don’t know. We’re still at a very early stage in our research.”

For their research of magnetoreception and its role in spatial orientation, Burda and his team used satellite and aerial images from Google Earth to analyze cattle in open pastures. When a herd was at least 150 meters away from power lines, the researchers detected a significant alignment of the cattle along the north-south axis. By contrast, images of cattle grazing within 50 meters of high-voltage overhead power lines showed no preferred body alignment.

Interestingly, cows grazing directly underneath east-west power lines tended to align along the power lines, whereas those under lines running north-south, northwest-southeast, or northeast-southwest showed random alignments.

The researchers think they have an answer for the deviation in the east-west alignment: The alternating magnetic field produced by the power lines is perpendicular to the power lines and thus parallel to Earth’s magnetic field. The increased intensity, the researchers assume, could induce a shift in body alignment. A similar phenomenon has been observed in experiments on magnetoreceptive birds.

The magnetic sensing discovery for cattle also applies to roe deer and red deer, which the researchers observed firsthand. The team noticed that herds staying near power lines were randomly aligned and, like cows, had a greater north-south alignment when grazing beyond 150 meters of the cables.

Several species of birds, fish, and insects, as well as some small mammals, such as bats and rodents, are known to have magnetic sensing systems. Now that Burda and his team have shown that larger mammals are also able to sense magnetic fields, the researchers are curious to know why they have this capability and how they use it. Among the possible benefits magnetoreception might hold for herds of cows and deer is an ability to synchronize their direction to graze more efficiently, escape predators more effectively, or just simply feel more comfortable.

It’s not yet known how cattle feel the magnetic field. One theory focuses on magnetite crystals that magnetically receptive trout, mole rats, and pigeons have in their noses, eyes, or beaks. Another is the “radical pair” hypothesis, which involves a light-sensitive molecule called cryptochrome, used by photoreceptors in the eyes to sense blue light. Through cryptochrome, animals may actually be able to see magnetic fields as visual patterns.

In addition to physiological functions, Burda and his team plan to study magnetic alignment across diverse cattle breeds and species and the other factors that may influence it. They also want to look more closely at the possible impact of the geometry of power towers and the flow of electricity, and correlate the behavior of cattle and other animals with the actual measured values of the magnetic fields.
About the Author

John Blau writes about technology from Düsseldorf, Germany. In January 2009, he covered the failed government rescue of DRAM maker Qimonda.

Many of us get quite agitated when a cell call is abruptly disconnected or if there is static interference on the line. We demand quality.

Well, while demanding quality reception, why not also demand safety. Demand to know you can use your cell as often as you wish to without depleting the oxygen in your blood. Studies prove that the electromagnetic radiation coming from the cell, the blue tooth and the charger are very high for low level radiation frequencies.

  • If it takes two hours to repair your blood after a 15-20 minute cell call, do you think it can repair itself in a given day after all the use it gets?
  • What if someone is wearing a blue tooth or earpiece all day? Just because you cannot see the frequency between the base unit (cell phone, cordless base) and the earpiece you know SOMETHING is allowing them to connect.
  • What about all the other wireless electronics in your home and office? That connection needs to be neutralized from your body to improve your immune system.

You need to create interference in the EMF / EMR to harmonize the radiation. Once neutralized; you eliminate the harmful damage to your blood. View VIDEO

The EMR danger is common knowledge in many countries outside the US, it has become a serious issue among the citizens, governments, manufacturers and health agencies.  It is time for us to do the same.

Now that you realize the urgency, we suggest you:

  • Use the hands free option on a cell, mobile or cordless phone to make and receive calls and place the phone a couple feet away. The further the distance the less harmful the low level radiation is to you.

  • When carrying your cell, but not in use, put it somewhere other than on your body; it’s damaging your blood.   Briefcase or purse I guess; I don’t know where, you figure it out.   I’m just reporting how harmful it is without neutralizing the radiation.

  • Don’t ever let children use an unprotected cell; their developing brain and skull are more severely damaged.

  • Unplug your cell charger when not in use, it tends to put out more EMF than the cell when in use.

  • Move your wireless routers as far away from you at the desk as possible. They are powerful like a cell tower antennae.


  • Create the Good Interference by neutralizing the EMF and never worry about it again.

  • Two excellent options are the Green 8 EMF Phone Blokker and / or a Body Harmonizer for those of you surrounded by EMF at work, going out to a restaurant, to watch the game, at home or driving the 18 wheeler.

Face it, we can’t get away from it, so neutralize it and avoid the constant depletion of oxygen in your blood. You can get additional information at http://CSeaPerkins.com

Did you know that in India it is against the law for pregnant women to talk on a cell? As stated earlier, many countries are aware of the dangers and their Governments are beginning to recognize it and help.

Although the majority of the people I speak to or network with believe in defending the environment and are doing it, others are asking why? Some are actually convinced that there is no global warming crisis.  This will remain a controversial topic, so join in and speak your mind.

Cause and Effect, my friends. What you see is the result of the cause.  Prevention is an ounce of cure; don’t you agree?  We all own an opinion, but ignorance is not an excuse; get educated, then choose.

Here are a few answers to help you make an informed / emotional decision toward actively supporting President Obama’s overall energy plan:

  • Patriotism, support remaking of America through energy plan
  • Gratitude, feeling so good doing your part (only you can decide how much is enough)
  • Purpose, it is a cause gaining serious popularity
  • Action, to lead through example, others see your positive contributions
  • Attitude, improves dramatically after completing daily task
  • Education, knowing you researched and learned
  • Message, conveying to others the importance of being in action


To recap, here are some of the most important steps to truly Making a Difference.

  • UNPLUG your phone charger when not in use; it releases more EMF than the cell itself
  • Use POWER STRIPS with surge protection so you can turn it off rather than each of the electronics plugged into it
  • Turn hot WATER HEATER down or off; after all it just keeps running to keep the water hot, even when not in use
  • INVENTORY all the electronics in every room of your home including garage, unplug those not in use
  • Keep a save DISTANCE between you (your loved ones) and the electronics, appliances and power outlets
  • Check your TIRE PRESSURE every time you fill up, it improves mileage efficiency
  • Use a nanotechnology fuel additive to reduce TOXIC EMISSIONS by 50% and increase MPG
  • Use an oil additive to CLEAN ENGINE parts and extend engine life and reduce vehicle maintenance costs
  • Invest in a cell, mobile, cordless phone SHIELD to eliminate EMF radiation
  • CARRY hand sanitizer and small trash bags, you never know when you will see trash lying about
  • Install an EMF Home Blokker to harness the wasted energy and convert it to CASH
  • VIEW the blood test proof video to become better informed on what EMF electromagnetic pollution is doing to our blood http://fuellegacy.com/flash/telefon/telefon.htm

This is a short summation; please COMMENT on the results now that you have completed them.

Collectively we will heal the economy and the environment in action!

When we look at our lifestyle and inventory all the electrical outlets, the electronics plugged into them or the power strip, we often surprise ourselves.  Of course, if we were to actually determine the amount of electricity per unit, that would further heighten our senses.

It is time to energy-crunch and budget-crunch folks.  It will help the environment and through each of us, heal the economy.  We can seriously reduce our carbon footprint measurably with a little common sense and effort.

Take the INVENTORY.  While doing so, look at the distance between the seating areas and these outlets, appliances, games, chargers, etc.  Strategically putting DISTANCE between where you sit and the location of the EMF electromagnetic fields and radiation.  A minimum of 3′ is recommended.  Why?  The negative impact on your health.

Check the children’s rooms as they are at more risks from the EMF than adults.  Wonderful little brains still developing and the skull is so soft.

Every room in your home should be inventoried.  Take note of where your breakers are in relationship to sleeping areas. 

UNPLUG your cell charger when not in use.  Do you realize it emits more EMF than the cell phone does?

If you are not talking on your cell, it is on and in your pocket, does it release EMF?  Yes it does and we have the blood tests to prove it.

Keep tabs on the distance and unplug all the appliances, electronics etc. that are not in use.  They still pull electricity from the power company and you pay for it.  BUT you don’t have to if you modify your lifestyle to reduce the expenses and pollutants.

CSea Perkins

While we go about our day using cells, mobile and cordless phones we are causing health challenges. Simply put:

Did you know it takes 2 hours for your blood to return to normal after a 15 minute cell conversation? Blood under microscope Video

Although we hope that cell and cordless phone manufacturers will start manufacturing these units with EMF shielding, it is not here yet.

Your solution is to research the alternatives and get your units shielded. One excellent solution, the one I use is detailed at http://CSeaPerkins.com

There is the EMF Phone Blokker for the units and I put an EMF Home Blokker in my home to SAVE MONEY ON ELECTRIC BILL and I realized a 12% SAVINGS the very first month.

Complete your due diligence, understand the danger and do something about it. Google the EMF / EMR threats past and present. Albeit very controversial still, be smart and read between the lines. After all it does impact you and those you love.

EMF could well be the next ‘cigarette’ of the century and all the risks that go along with it.

We welcome questions, comments and your practical experience with EMF / EMR. Did your Doctor suggest you get a safe distance from these fields and radiation? What health challenges are you experiencing due to these dangers?

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