Having found that the Google Reader allows me to access only the articles pertinent to REDUCING POLLUTION in the air from exhaust and toxic carbons as well as the man made electrical energy; you will be directed there for current updates.

These external frequencies ARE NOT harmonizing within the normal 6-8Hz frequency that humans, animals and the earth operate at.

The external electromagnetic fields operating at many different are not with the same range.  Hence, our body is not ADAPTING TO THE ENVIRONMENT as it was intended.

Technology is available to reverse polarization and protect yourself, your pets and life as we know it.  Research it.

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We are so blessed to be given the gift to immediately support President Obama’s mission to REMAKE AMERICA.  So give thanks and do a little more each day while setting a good example!

WHAT, you ask … how am I blessed in these tough times?

Healing the economy and environment could be a far more difficult challenge for us. It could have gotten worse than the Great Depression. If that does not seriously impact your thought process; get online and research it. You will GIVE THANKS things are not worse in the US and throughout the world. YES it is still bad here and abroad but far better than it could be.

The good news is that the WAKE UP CALL requiring everyone to conserve along with the nomination of President Obama is giving us specific actions to take without much effort.

We must create even more new jobs and many will be green in that they will support defending and protecting the environment. These green income opportunities already surround us. Are you earning from protecting the environment / supporting the Energy Plan and helping people understand how to simply reduce their carbon footprint?

If not, find a way to do it. What is your most favorite thing to do? Is it an ‘accepted’ green action? Find a place for you to create YOUR ECO LEGACY and DO It.

I have mine and you are welcome to check them out and see if anything fits you like a glove. Click on COMMENTS right below the title and detail what you are looking for; where you can truly shine..

It begins with a strong commitment to educate and put that knowledge into action. Share your gift, your green actions with everyone in supporting President Obama as WE REMAKE AMERICA TOGETHER.

Yes indeed, it is a new Era for many related to our economic situation and new President with a new repowering America agenda.

So, we are given the privilege of helping our students and their schools to become more educated on how they can defend the environment. How they can actively involve the community in projects that will create more sustainability, conservation and protection.

These initiatives will not only positively impact the environment but create challenges across this great nation and solutions in the communities that benefit them the most. This is growing Parent interest and participation as well. We believe they will be sharing it with their co-workers and spreading the word.

GREEN INITIATIVE in Wilbur by the Sea, FL … a local group of Children and I went to the seashore and removed all the man made trash and learned about the flora we encountered. We discussed the results of the trash winding up in our ocean and how powerful their contributions are to saving our planet.

Seeing their bright smiles and the excitement about their results and what they learned was very gratifying. We are doing this monthly and they are taking the idea to their schools and encouraging others to get involved and Make A Difference.

We will be proposing ‘challenges’ to neighboring communities to see who can engage more people and more results. This will create more enthusiasm and competition within the Schools.

Great fun with a greater purpose. Enjoy being creative and post your successes here.